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Tinny sound when accelerating

17.02.2019 Article

Your car can vibrate, shake, and create various types of noises for different reasons. One such problem is rattling noise when accelerating. You usually hear this noise when accelerating the vehicle. Most people call this a pinging or rattling sound. This noise is caused by an air/fuel. A metal rattling sound when I accelerate from a slow speed or from a complete stop. The rattling sound is temporary and goes away when I.

I hear the rattling sound as I begin to accelerate, and only when I have my foot on the gas – when I let off, it's perfectly quiet. What I haven't been. When I start my car and back out of the driveway or drive out of a parking lot, my car makes a sheet metal or tinny noise when I accelerate. Once I. Rattling noise during acceleration can be caused by several different but common failures, including loose heat shields, bad belt pulleys and ignition pinging.

I keep hearing a metallic rattling sound when accelerating, it becomes louder the more I accelerate, but it dies off as the revs get higher, any.

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