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What is button shapes ios 7.1

28.08.2018 Article

Button shapes make tapping buttons/links/menu items easier on your iPhone/ iPad running iOS and above. Here's how to enable them. Th latest iOS update makes it easier to discern what is a button and what is simply a text label, but you'll need to enable it. Thankfully, Apple has been listening to feedback, and has added an option in iOS that allows you to enable button shapes. While most.

Enabling Button Shapes in iOS is just a matter of flipping a switch To have button shapes as an option you'll need at least version iOS or. Here's how to turn on Button Shapes to give interactive buttons a graphical calls them, first make sure that you're running iOS or higher. iOS 7 took away visual cues like borders and shapes to easily identify buttons in apps, but that feature is back with the release of iOS

Apparently iOS includes a new option to "Display Button Shapes". I have toggled the Button Shapes in Settings/Accessibility, but see no. Sub class the button and try which shape you want. #import "YourButton.h" # import @implementation YourButton.

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