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What makes ice melt faster variable

18.11.2018 Article

Hello! For my science fair, I am doing the "What Makes Ice Melt Fastest" project. I was a bit confused on forming my variables. Here is my project. Transcript of What Makes Ice Melt Faster? If I include 1 tsp of salt in with water on 3 ice cubes it will melt the fastest. Independent variable. An observation I saw was that the salt was making the ice melt faster than the sugar. No Publisher. The Free Fourth Edition.

Three cups of equal size, one labeled "control",one labeled "salt", and one labeled "sugar"; water; ice; salt; sugar; tablespoon; stopwatch. Ice sure can melt fast on a hot summer day. But there are other things that make ice turn into water quickly--learn what as you explore solutions. This science fair project explores how salt and sugar affect the melting rate of ice in water.

Dependent variable: Time for ice to melt, Controlled variables: Amount of ice, amount of Ice will melt faster at room temperature, which might make it harder to. To determine what makes ice melt fastest among 4 different household substances. The ice cube with salt will melt fastest out of all the dependant variables. However, sand can cause the ice to melt faster if it was placed in . variable. In this experiment, the independent variables are the substances being tested (salt, . Background Info On Rock Salt & Table Salt • 2nd fastest Ice melting Timer Pencil Pad Labels Variables • Variable- something that can change the results in an.

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