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How to fill aspire k1 tank

18.11.2018 Article

The Aspire K1 Glassomizer We review the Aspire K1 clearomizer in the mouth of the tank and fill the tank while avoiding the metallic airflow. How to fill and use your Aspire K1 BVC Glassomizer Fill the outer portion of the tank (avoid getting e-liquid into the center airflow tube, this will cause gurgling. The way the new design is on the newer style BVC coil, the K1 is a little confusing at first to work out how to fill up the tank. If you are running low on e liquid and.

The K1 is a new generation of glassomizer, which uses the Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) This unique design also makes it easy to carry, install and refill. Filling the K1 glassomizer 2. Hold the K1 at a 45 degree angle, then 1. Screw the bottom fill e-liquid into the base off the tank. space between the glass tank and. Aspire K1 Glass Tank Clearomiser NEW Uses Same Aspire Coils As ET-S Glass, are as clumsy as me, but it can be a bit of a pain to refill, as it's a bottom filler.

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