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How to say hey babe in french

11.10.2018 Article

Translations in context of "hey babe" in English-French from Reverso Context: Hey babe, we're dry. in english we use words like hun, babe, sweetie, darling, hunny, cutie, Hi there, in French I say to my male friends words like: mon petit, mon. Like English, French terms of endearment with cute phrases attached to . I'd say “pumpkin,” “pumpkin pie, “baby cakes” or any other name referring to food.

Bonjour can always be used to say hello (it's also very fitting if it is morning) Salut can be used to mean hello in informal instances (such as speaking to your. the correct translation is "Salut bébé" although as others have pointed out, it's way creepy. but then look at OutKast's picture. Find out how to say "would you go out with me", famous French It's humorous as well, it is to be said with an exaggerated seducing look, kind of “hey Pour toi bébé, je décrocherai la lune – for you baby, I'll get the moon.

Forget all those French words they taught you in school like toilette, voiture and vin, because once you get to France you'll find you'll need a. Salut bébé (hello baby) or salut poupée (hi, doll). Which song has the chorus I say hey hey hey yeah? . How can you say hey its Tess call back in French?. you could say something like, "hey babe" or baby, or hey hottie. you know, something like that, or don't say How can you say hey its Tess call back in French?. When it comes to cute and romantic French terms of endearment, the French You can say these terms of Frech endearment to either males or females, My baby. 5. Mon coeur. My heart. 6. Doudou. My blankie or cuddly thing . it to refer to their friends, like 'hey d*ckhead', only it would be 'hey testicle'.

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