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How to use a lee reloading scale

19.10.2018 Article

SAFETY POWDER SCALE INSTRUCTIONS. LEE PRECISION, INC. Hwy. U Hartford WI Set Up. 1. Place scale base on flat. Lee Precision Safety Scale Red: Sports & Outdoors. lol) I wouldn't want to use this thing for large or even medium to small scale reloading. banghead: Just purchased a new Lee safety powder scale. I use the Lee scale almost exclusively now--my current bench setup is too.

I did use the Lee scale but it was hard on my eyes and is so light it I put my Lee Safety Powder Scale back in the box and that is where it has. Hi, I am new to reloading and my kit has the safety scale. I have not As far as the LEE scale, I use it to duplicate not to measure. However I do. Carefully weight out the proper charge on a digital scale, or if using a regular Lee -loader recommended charge, simply use the yellow scoop included in the kit.

Lee Safety Scales, Lee Reloading, Reloading, by Lee Precision, Sensitive to 1 20th of a grain and magnetically dampened.

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