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How to drill holes in your exhaust

28.08.2018 Article

Drilling a hole in a muffler is often done to change the sound of the muffler. Baffles inside the muffler act to reduce noise and improve airflow. However, if you'd like to drill a hole in your muffler to alter the airflow dynamics of your muffler and to make the car louder, you'll. If you drill a hole in your muffler your car is going to sound like it has an exhaust leak. Most people can tell the difference between a. 1. Where in the exhaust the holes are 2. How big the holes are 3. How many holes there are. You don't want to just drill anywhere - you'll get all.

So I got out my drill motor and stuck in a 1/2" drill bit and chose a spot to start opening up the exhaust a little bit. I drilled one hole about 6" in. I was doing some research on exhaust pipe repairs and came across some posts where they recommended drilling a small hole in the bottom. He drilled 4 X 5/16 inch holes in each exhaust pipe at the curve just before the muffler. He liked the new sound and performance, ran for a few.

A trick in the cab business is to drop the exhaust and ram a bar inside the cat to clear it if it is clogged. I am not paying more for a cat than the car is worth. I heard a few guys sink a few holes in their muffler to make it sounds louder. Is this bad for ur engine if i did so?? cheers on Aug 27 , PM within the.

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