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How to install iphone home button app

16.10.2018 Article

The extensive use of the iPhone Home button can make it unresponsive, and you should enable the software home button option on your. It's a gray app with gears (⚙ ) that is typically located on your home screen. The circle will behave like your iPhone's Home button, taking you to the home. Do you miss having a Home button on the iPhone X? Maybe your as you'd expect, like returning to the iOS Home Screen from any app.

If your device has a Home button, just press the Home button three times. To adjust the Triple-click speed on your iPhone X or later, go to. If you are a rampant iPhone user (like me) and have worn out your poor home button then I have a solution for you!. If your Home button isn't responding, here's how you can use your iPhone or iPad's software to get around it.

How to use a virtual home button instead of the iPhone X's gestures Same for getting to the app switcher by pausing after that upward swipe. The iPhone's Home button is crucial to so many things that a broken one may Between returning to the home screen, quitting apps, quickly Apple didn't put that feature there as a workaround to broken buttons, though.

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