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What is a brass jag used for

26.08.2018 Article

A jag (right) holds the cleaning patch with the point on the end. A loop You can get these made of nylon for general use, or brass for tough. Brass jags are sized to fit each caliber of a firearm. The jag is shaped like a plunger with a pointed tip that will hold a cleaning patch securely. Attach the appropriate-sized jag for the pistol's or rifle's caliber to the cleaning rod. Does anyone still use jag tips, or is this just a "filler" for the kit? . I bought a brass set at Walmart that has the sizes stamped on each idividual.

can anyone tell me what a Brass jag is for? i have never used one. it may be a dumb question but someone's got to ask. I am a newbie with an XDm 9mm, I just recently learned what the round thing with the point on the end was in my cleaning kit before I coudlnt. Apparently they clean often with a cloth patch on a jag, and almost never use a bore brush. I think they always use a bore guide and a brass rod.

I had a plastic jag before this one and the tip eventually wore off and broke. I wanted something durable and found this brass jag. I use it on my 22's and my. Tipton 13 Piece Rifle Brass Jag Set: Cleaning Jag Assortment are made of brass and I have not had any issue with the sizes I use for my guns. Solid Brass Cleaning Jags are the fastest way to thoroughly clean, dry or oil your barrel. Each jag is designed to provide a tight fit.

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