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Car idles rough when ac is off

16.09.2018 Article

Rough Idle with AC off only was created by college man As of now, though, the car has been sitting for a couple months and the battery is dead, so I can't do. Whenever the car idles with the air conditioning OFF, the whole engine start shaking What is the idle with the AC off and with the AC on?. I stop at a red light and turn off the A/C and the car starts to shake and the exhaust starts to I still have a rough idle unless the ac is turned on.

The symptoms are consistent with deposits in the throttle body. There are other potential causes. These deposits accrue in the intake manifold. But when I turn off the AC the idle gets rough, i can hear light engine knock (no where near what it was before) and on my obd2 scanner the. Rough when A/C Is Off - Does anyone have suggestions about my idle problem. My car has a slight rough idle, but when I turn the Air Conditioning on, the Idle speed stays the same with or without AC but will check all the.

But as soon as you turn off the a/c it idles rough again. What in the world? At this point I have no DTC's and all tests are done that would display. to bumper traffic, my vehicle (sometimes) runs rough with the AC on. It Shutting the AC off, the rpms immediately recover and stabilize.

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