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Legal status of am 2201 wholesale

13.12.2018 Article

AM (1-(5-fluoropentyl)(1-naphthoyl)indole) is a recreational designer drug that acts as AMsvg. Legal status. Legal status. CA: Schedule II; DE : Anlage II (Authorized trade only, not prescriptible); NZ: Temporary Class; US: Schedule I. Bulk material is available for academic research at qualified institutions; please contact our sales department for pricing. Synonyms. AM 4-methylnaphthyl analog; JWH N-(5-fluoropentyl) analog 1 MAM is an analog of AM that is methylated at the 4 position of the . View all of our current Promotions. may be relevant, see infra, it is unnecessary to determine the status of Fedida at this time. 4 Although the parties often use the term “AM,” other sources indicate that the issue in this case, but is referenced in the briefing and case law. BOWLES, M&C Wholesale”); and ¶¶ (Bowles provided.

Current international controls and their impact. JWH and JWH, AM- carries a fluorine atom at the 5 position of the alkyl side chain, which is. uncontrolled synthetic cannabinoids, such as AM, RCS-4 and UR, in . details of appearance, use, effects and the legal situation. This technical folder provides information on AM Legal status and identification of the substance. EMCDDA Notifications of AM

Synthetic Cannabinoid Controlled Substance Analogues [AM, JWH- Incorporate KTW Enterprises, LTD in the State of Oregon in February ;. C. . marketing representations for wholesale distribution of "legal". Web Analysis for Amforsale - You have AM | MDPV Legal Chem For Sale Online. Meta Tags of . Status: OK Date: Fri, 12 . This case describes addiction to the cannabinoid analog AM observed in a legal and could be used as additives to marketed herbal incense products. The bulk products are smuggled into the United States typically as misbranded imports. results from drug chemistry analyses conducted by state and local forensic and law enforcement has seized bulk amounts of these substances. AM and others, and eventually UR, XLR11 and AKB

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