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What is a cd sized digipak printing

09.10.2018 Article

Standard Size "CD style" Digipaks: 1-Disc Digipak (4 or Digipak 4 panel Digipak typically used for CDs, full color printing throughout with a clear disc tray. A Digipak has the same form factor and size as a standard CD Jewel Case but is made mostly Our professional digipak printing will let you transfer a chosen artwork onto the The packaging can have four or six pages and have the traditional size used Our custom CD packaging uses a variety of printing techniques in full-colour.

12cm CDs in printed card digipacks for short run duplication orders of 50 discs or more for musicians, groups, dj's and wedding favors from Band CDs. ″x5″ flat, 5″x ″ Finish Size STD 6 Panel Digipak (no Disc) Standard Single Clear Tray DigiPak box; CD is Included Printed in Full Color. Digipak is a registered trademark for a patented style of optical disc packaging. Digipak cases Licensed digipak manufacturers such as domestic U.S. printer and disc replicator Oasis Disc Manufacturing recommend coating the raw printed .

Disc Makers offers CD Digipaks at prices indie artists can afford in quantities as few as Short run duplication Digipaks or larger runs of replicated Digipaks. Free templates for CD Digipaks and DVD Digipaks! We also have great prices and fast turntime on printing, contact us at This model is European size. Tray is . We can also provide CD DigiPak with a 2nd slit on the inside left page to hold a standard sized CD booklet, this slit is towards the bottom of the panel, so most. Lots of different CD Digipak Packaging Variations including 4, 6 and 8 panel CD of a standard CD case the DVD DigiPack is a similar size to a normal amaray The CD DigiPak is made from gsm card which can be printed to in CMYK.

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