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What is a state ref ticket

26.08.2018 Article

i got pulled over the other day by a cop and he looks in my hood and under my car claims that my primary cats are "gutted" this guy assumes my. You can see if your buddy wants to compensate you but while you are driving the car you are responsible. Western Members - State ref question (PIC OF TICKET INCLUDED) - My boy got hit with the state ref ticket tonight. His car is heavily modified.

Acura Integra - CA State Ref Ticket - damn just got a state referee ticket on friday s#!ting bricks dont know what's going to happen so i've been. Thread Starter. JDM.K24's Avatar. Join Date: Jul Location: Encinitas, CA. Posts: Icon2 State referee ticket question (SO-CA)?. anyone ever get a ref ticket and get pulled over after? what happened?. if i get pulled over again can that cop even tell if i got a ref ticket.. or do they put like a.

Just got home from getting a modified emissions ticket for header and intake. Cant you just put in a stock motor and go to the state ref?. IS - 2nd Gen () - State referee ticket - Today I got pulled over for no front license plate, tinted windows, decal on windshield, tire tread.

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