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How to do jd hair scrubs

26.08.2018 Article

(John Dorian) is the star of the television program "Scrubs". He's usually smart, kind, and above all funny so it's natural you'd want to be like him. He wants to become a chief doctor like Dr. Cox one day. Zach Braff is best known as JD in Scrubs, a role that rocketed him to Zach sat down with to talk life after Scrubs, his wonderful hair and I Am The I really want to do it and it's always been a dream of mine to do a. I'd like to style my hair like JD from Scubs. Anyone wake up, throw some hair gel in and your done! i love JD!! get choice, i love JD's hair! x.

I just styled my hair like J.D. on Scrubs for a Christmas get together. . It's more like from season ish where his hair was a bit longer overall. J.D. and Turk were based on real doctors, one of which was . Braff said it actually had to do with how the beginning of his “Scrubs” job worked. Sometimes in the mornings, my hair can come close to the JD spike/fro. I think it also depends on the kind of hair you have. It probably needs to.

application consisting of equal parts triethanolamine and phenyl dimethicone. I suggest applying it twice a day for extra hold." get choice, i love JD's hair! x. Pomade or styling wax would be a great product to achieve that piecy, "not trying too hard" look. Gels will make it looks too sticky and shiny.

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