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How to remove motherboard i o panel

12.09.2018 Article

No, you must remove the whole motherboard as it holds the I/O shield in place. If the motherboard is not yet installed, yes just press from the. I'm working on a custom mini itx build using an old console as the case (with modification for ventilation etc). The available space is very limited. Comparing I/O Shield to Motherboard I/O Connectors Our first step is to remove the I/O shield that comes with the case, so that we can install the new I/O shield.

they should be open to the motherboard side, here is quick picture to .. Yeah, I' m not really sure why everyone said the I/O shield is for. I´v finaly replaced an B1 stepping H67MB with a "newer" Z67 motherboard. Now I notice that the board has no I/O shield, it´s a MSI P67A-GD Hey guys, I have a nice Gigabyte motherboard that I am installing on a special build, but the I/O shield that came with it is a cheap piece of junk.

my motherboard into my case these metal prongs from the io shield get io shield get in the way of ports and I'm not sure if I should remove.

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