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Jerry lewis how he died

28.11.2018 Article

Joseph Levitch, (March 16, – August 20, ) known worldwide as Jerry Lewis, was an He used the professional name Joey Lewis but soon changed it to Jerry .. That same year, he also learned of the death of Martin's son Dean Paul .. pulmonary fibrosis, and a decades-long history of cardiovascular disease. Jerry Lewis' doctor listed the comic's cause of death as end-stage cardiac disease on Lewis was 91 when he died, surrounded by his family. The cause of the death of comedian and actor Jerry Lewis has been revealed. He passed away at his Las Vegas home on Sunday (August 20).

Legendary performer Jerry Lewis died Sunday morning in Las Vegas, according to his publicist Candi Cazau. He was Lewis reportedly. Jerry Lewis' death was from end-stage heart disease, according to the coroner. He died Sunday of natural causes in Las Vegas at age Jerry Lewis, the brash slapstick comic who teamed with Dean Martin and later starred in “The Nutty Professor,” has died in Las Vegas.

There are few comedians and actors who have achieved the kind of colorful and lengthy career that Jerry Lewis enjoyed. On Sunday, Lewis'. Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis' death Sunday was caused by a heart Lewis first suffered a heart attack in when he was 34 years old. There was a lot of truth to the old showbiz joke that the French loved Jerry Lewis and thought of him as a comic genius and cinematic trailblazer. Jerry Lewis, the entertainer known for his unique slapstick humor, died August 20 . He was years old. Lewis' family said in a statement that.

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