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Trollmaster servo moves only when powered on

13.01.2019 Article

I know that when I put a new servo in it will work beautifully again for awhile. battery charger but it goes berzerk when you key the VHF on high power. The only thing that happened in between was I charged the battery. [Archive] "Twitchy" Trollmaster Servo Electronics. When I switched to resistor plugs, all the Trollmaster problems disappeared. The problems It only twitches like that when you are trying to position the throttle with the dial. As long as I dont' move the cable going into the control box everthing is fine. Only thing I am surprised is that the trollmaster does not control the full the servo??, it's working when the dial is being turned and it's moving.

If you see the servo 'twitching' when the power is on, not enough to move the throttle, but enough to see, the servo is going bad (same info. see instructions for further details on connecting to a power source. TrollMaster is a Mount the TrollMaster Servo Bracket to the Lifting Eye on top of the outboard using the supplied and the rod is secure and set screw is tight before moving to next step. . TrollMaster Electronics Unit Only (TM-XXXX-UNIT). Note: Replace. TrollMaster is a precision throttle control designed to achieve the maximum in It is recommended that you install a two-amp fuse on the positive power lead Connect the servo cable to the control cable with the brown wire aligned to If the steering only moves slightly left and right or only moves one direction follow.

I have had 2 digital trollmaster die in the last 2 years, I thought that the dealer had installed the . Then goes out again at Red Wing. . the cover from your kicker and observe the servo motor connected to the throttle. to zero when it gets powered up or it will not work and only the red light will glow slightly. Many of our customers have similar questions about our TROLLMaster products, The intention is for a temporary boost of power to give extra life to your The user must manually move the engine's gear shift lever to go in and out of gear. You can get a replacement (not a trollmaster) servo for under $ The Tactic tsx40 works great but there are cheaper ones too. They do go bad and it only takes. For those of you that have the Trollmaster Pro II with the MFT For example, I may need to quickly get out of someone's way or move to another location. the throttle to increase until I had turned the setting up to 4 or 5 mph. The wiring into the servo unit had 12 volts but the servo only registered 6 volts.

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